Riding the Google Wave

Google is coming up with some excellent ideas these days, and Google Wave is no exception. Google Wave is a new program based on personal communication and collaboration. The Google Wave is taking the best parts of Internet communication and combining them into a single integrated whole. E-mail, social networking, instant messaging, and wiki are all parts of this exciting new program. The Wave is by far the most complex communications platform on the entire Internet. Google Wave is still in it’s early phases, but soon everyone will be using it.It isn’t simply combining all of the Internet’s popular features, it goes a step further. Real time spell checking, grammar checking, and automatic translation for over 40 languages! This will prove to be the most efficient translation tool available online, and it could totally revolutionize the Internet. This translation feature will make it possible to talk to anyone in the entire world, even if you do not speak the same language! Google made a trial release on Sept. 30 and extended invitations to over 100,000 people.Google is still allowing people to request a copy, so it would be a smart idea to get in on this as soon as possible. To go a little more in depth, this program is based on multiple “waves”. Waves are both conversations and documents at the same time, and users can reply or make changes anywhere in the entire wave. There are multiple people on each wave, and at any point in the process more users can be added. Waves can link to other waves, and just about any kind of media you can imagine can be embedded into a wave. If someone wants to go back and see the history of the wave and how it evolved they can do so.Believe it or not, Google is actually going to release this program as open source software. Open source means that anyone can view the code and make improvements and additions as they see fit. The possibilities this program will open up are staggering. Imagine a website that simultaneously offers YouTube videos, social networking, instant messaging, video chat, news articles, and language translation. The Google Wave promises to do all of the above and more, all with one program! This will open up a new way for people to collaborate on projects all around the world.Businesses, musicians, artists, and even scientists will now have an easy way to connect with each other and take on joint projects. The fact that you can link multiple waves together means there will be unpredictable synergies and totally new online trends emerging. Just imagine what this could do for both large and small businesses. There will inevitably be “business waves” where business owners will link up and trade services with each other. Salesman, Internet Marketers, IT companies, they all stand to reap unknown benefits if they use this program creatively.If you are a business owner who offers an exceptionally good product, it is possible Waves will pop up devoted to talking about how great your product is. These waves will then link to the wave you created for your business, and you have a brand new way to reach out to customers with a completely new form of advertisement. Investors could start market analysis waves where everyone can contribute ,point out indicators, and link each other news that they think will affect a stock the group is discussing.From the 16 year old video gamer to the 53 year old business man; there is sure to be a wave out there for everybody. It is quite possible that the Google Wave will end up becoming a world wide phenomena like YouTube and face book, maybe even bigger. Google has done an amazing job putting this all together, and it is almost a certainty that the Google Wave will be a household name in the next year or two.

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